The following areas of expertise are sorted from the most general to the most specific. They form the theoretical and operational basis on which TerraScience is founded.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

  • General characteristics and functioning of the Earth
  • Landscape dynamics, physical geography
  • Interactions between biosphere – hydrosphere – atmosphere – lithosphere
  • Geophysics

Global hydrology

  • The global water cycle
  • Identification & quantification of fluxes, stocks and balance
  • Watershed dynamics and response to external forcings
  • Hydro-climatology
  • Hydrological modeling
  • Hydrological risks (floods / droughts)


  • The study of groundwater masses and their geological reservoir
  • Groundwater resources management
  • Deep knowledge of highly heterogeneous and anistropic aquifers (fractured reservoirs, karsts)
  • Impact of pumping or injection on ground surface deformation (subsidence or bulging)

Risks related to climate change

  • Impact of CC on water resources
  • Study of extreme hydrological events under changed climate conditions
  • Impact of CC on coastal morphology (expertise to come…)
  • Impact of CC on continental glaciers ( expertise to come… )

Hydrogeodesy (rare)

  • Impact of water stocks and fluxes on the shape of Earth’s surface and Earth’s gravity field
  • Tiltmeters
  • Utilisation of geodetic data to describe subsurface properties and fluxes
  • Hydromechanical modeling

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