J. Schuite, PhD

The only consultant at TerraScience (for the moment!) is its founder, Jonathan Schuite.

Holder of a master degree in water sciences and a doctorate (PhD) in Earth sciences, Jonathan Schuite began his career in research where he contributed to diverse projects, ranging from the hydromechanics of fractured reservoirs, to global hydrology of regional watersheds such as the Seine (northern France). This rich experience has led him to meet and collaborate with French and international experts on cutting-edge geoscientific topics. In 2019, Jonathan started as a consultant to get closer to the field and to current issues, yet keeping the freedom to innovate to advance his favorite topics.

Previous professional affiliations

Jonathan Schuite completed his PhD work at Géosciences Rennes , a research unit straddling the CNRS and the Université de Rennes 1 (2013-2016). His doctorate has benefited from the support, and contributed to, the development of the CRITEX program (« Equipment of excellence », action of the « Investments for Future » of the French Government), as well as the OZCAR observatory network. In addition, part of his project allowed him to spend three months in the United States, at Virginia Polytechnic University ( Virginia Tech ) as a guest PhD student.

After his thesis, Jonathan conducted post-doctoral research, partly at Geosciences Rennes (6 months), but mainly at the geoscience center of MINES ParisTech (PSL University) in Fontainebleau (France) for 18 months (until to July 2019). In particular, he worked on the hydro-climatic aspects of the Seine basin’s socio-ecosystem, widely studied by the PIREN-Seine consortium which brings together researchers, industrialists, consumers and public actors around the study and management of one of the largest French basins.

Access the Curriculum Vitae

This is a detailed CV available in two languages:

Download J. Schuite’s PhD dissertation

This doctorate was prepared and defended in France, hence the dissertation is mostly written in the tongue of Molière.

Jonathan Schuite preparing field experiments (tuning of pendular tiltmeters).

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