Our values

Listening – Independence – Rigor

Environmental and climate issues play a central role in the evolution of our lifestyles and societies. The transformations that we will have to face in the coming years, particularly because of climate change, are immense and may bring anxiety as we move towards a future whose form we foresee but whose exact contours are still indistinguishable. Business manager, farmer, public official, politician, elected representative, actor of the associative world, NGO … whoever you are, you, your collaborators or the citizens you serve are concerned by the adaptation to climate change, the availability and the quality of water, and the prevention of hydro-climatic or industrial risks. But it’s not always easy to know what to do, where, when and how!

For these reasons, TerraScience carefully listens to its customers in order to establish a clear picture of their issues and their needs. Moreover, we are flexible, as TerraScience’s services are almost exclusively custom-built, at the customer’s request and depending on the issue. TerraScience’s assignments can be very punctual, simply to guide a strategy in response to a given issue, or they can be built in a longer perspective with technical, methodological or substantive innovation support.

Independence is also a key value of TerraScience. No external pressure, no lobbying, no obsession other than meeting the expectations of its customers will be able to shake the rigor, the scientific methodology and the objective interpretations based on observations made at TerraScience. Data analysis and scientific reasoning are the only intellectual processes leading to the conclusions presented to the customer.

Finally, TerraScience wants to focus on innovation as much as possible, in order to offer its customers tailored solutions and benefit from the latest advances in the academic world.

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