Created in 2019, TerraScience is a small consulting firm specialised in Earth and Environmental Sciences, at a high scientific and technical level. TerraScience has a keen interest in the study of continental hydrosystems (or watersheds) which form the fondamental support of terrestrial life and human activities, at the interface between lithosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere (also called the « Critical Zone »).

Conceptual sketch of the « Critical Zone » from Banwart et al. Comptes Rendus de Géoscience, 2012.

In a context of intense and fast global changes, it is more crucial than ever to understand the natural environment in which we live and from which we withdraw our vital resources. In particular, water is a central element amongst environmental issues because it is both a resource that supports life and a important risk factor (floods, droughts, landslides, transport of pollutants…). Water also plays a major role in the energy and transport sectors (hydroelectricity and energy storage, nuclear power plant cooling, fluvial transportation of resources and merchandise).

In order to face these complex issues, TerraScience guides its clients through the building stages of solid and innovative strategies for hydrosystem (or watershed) characterisation, in order to describe their dynamic behavior and functioning, so that resource management and risk prevention tools may be tailored and put into use.

Credit : central figure, J. Schuite ; Satellite, JPL/NASA

Another facet of TerraScience’s services is to perform scientific animation in Earth and Environmental sciences, for specialists or non-specialists (general public). This may take the form of conferences, debates or workshops for instance.

Credit : A.-H. Le Gall, OSUR

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