The offer of TerraScience is divided into 4 families of services:

  1. Counseling
  2. Technical studies
  3. Research and Development
  4. Scientific animation


Whenever you need advice and expert counseling concerning water or environmental related issues, TerraScience is there for you. For instance, TerraScience may be sollicited to give argued recommendations that answer a specific issue, by performing a literature review of academic level (vulgarised if needed) in order to provide a key understanding to the costumer, prior to the establishment of safe and sound management, prevention or mitigation strategies.

Counseling missions may also help facilitating the dialogue and the skills transfer between academia and economical sectors.

Technical study

Technical studies involve the processing and exploration of environmental data along with its interpretation, in particular with modeling tools.

An example of a typical study at TerraScience would be to estimate the physical properties and describe the functioning of a geological reservoir or a continental hydrosystem. In turn, such an enhanced understanding of natural systems allows a better evaluation of water resources and associated risks (floods, droughts) over watersheds, especially in the context of accelerated global changes. Moreover, the design of an observation network or a field measurement campaign are also part of technical studies provided by TerraScience. In fact, there are many other examples of applications: ask us for advice and we will be happy to tell you if we can help you!

In general, technical studies are undertaken using existing well-established and well-known methods. Hence, they do not require any methodological or scientific development in particular.

Research and Development

Research and Development (R&D) missions focus on methodological and technological innovation, or on a deep study of processes that are still poorly understood. Consequently, such missions put into play a myriad of skills typically found in academia that are meant to unravel new knowledge about terrestrial systems, new characterisation techniques or new analysis and prediction methods. Typically, these projects result in the creation of material that may be patented and/or valorised in scientific journals (new codes, softwares, measurement protocols or devices, etc.).

Scientific animation

TerraScience is also involved in the dissemination of scientific knowledge amongst the general public.

Indeed, we would be happy to participate to seminars, workshops and debates on topics that involve Earth, Environmental and Climate sciences in a broad sense. Presentations or conferences can be tailored on demand as we want to be as flexible as possible so that the client (and its collaborators or audience) may gain insight and skill on any topic covered by TerraScience.

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